Featured Client: Mariano’s Tastemakers | Chicago Suntimes + Splash Magazine


Starting at the tender age of eight, Chef Tony Priolo has been immersed in authentic Italian cooking. From his Sicilian grandmother’s kitchen in Chicago to a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Tuscany, Tony has developed a very distinct and clean rustic cooking style, and even had a hand in the development of Mariano’s signature Sicilian pizza and sauce. Today he focuses on finding the best ingredients possible to elevate his recipes and provide guests of Piccolo Sogno with a true Italian dining experience.

fig films was comissioned by Splash magazine to create branded content for one of its advertisers; Mariano’s.
This is just one in a series of tastemaker films currently featured on the Mariano’s site.

Creative Director: James Gustin

Cover Ad photographed by fig photo photographer: Eric Rademacher

Filmed by: Kristen Sargeon and Megan Welham

Edited by: Megan Welham

Being part of an artist collective allows fig films to collaborate with team photographers. On this shoot our film team and photo team worked side by side with creative directors, advertisers and publishers. Once the shoot was complete the client walked away with a film and an ad shoot at the end of the day that has the same look and feel. It is no small feat to pull off a shoot this size, but we are pleased with the results. The Mariano’s team loved us so much they asked us back for another round a few months later. We are currently in post production on six more chefs.